[CentOS-mirror] Mirror maintenance at mirror.globo.com

Tue Mar 27 12:07:26 UTC 2018
João Carlos Mendes Luís <jonny at corp.globo.com>


     I represent the mirror at http://mirror.globo.com/

     The last representative is no longer working in this company, and 
we would like take on his good work.

     As part of the process, we are deploying a new mirror manager, with 
a new public address.  This new manager host cannot rsync anymore from 

     Is it possible to add this new address, or better yet, a range of 
our possible outgoing addresses?

        *Previous Addr:*
        *Current Addr:*
        *Possible range: and 2804:294::/32*

     Is there any other info that you need from us right now?




*João Carlos Mendes Luís*

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