[CentOS-mirror] Netflash Internet Solutions FTP & Rsync Fixed

Thu Mar 8 17:10:03 UTC 2018
Anssi Johansson <avij at centosproject.org>

Daniel Pawliw kirjoitti 8.3.2018 klo 19.04:
> Good Morning,
> I’ve fixed the FTP and RSYNC for the Netflash Internet Solutions mirror 
> out of Ontario, Canada.
> FTP: ftp://mirror.netflash.net/centos/
> RSYNC: rsync://mirror.netflash.net/centos/
> (had some selinux issues somewhere along the line apparently preventing 
> ftp/rsync access, everything is now set to public_content_t so it 
> appears to work fine)

Thanks, I've now re-added those URLs, and those should show up on the 
download page again shortly.