[CentOS-mirror] AltArch mirror geographical coverage, need more mirrors outside US/EU

Tue Oct 9 04:45:53 UTC 2018
Theo Morra <theo at morra.nz>

Hey there. Second AltArch mirror in APAC.

https://altarch.mirrors.theom.nz/centos/ <https://altarch.mirrors.theom.nz/centos/>
rsync://rsync.mirrors.theom.nz/centos-alt/ <rsync://rsync.mirrors.theom.nz/centos-alt/>

Sync is being performed now. Should be done in about an hour

As usual, my mirror is in both Auckland and Christchurch in NZ.


> On 9/10/2018, at 10:19 AM, Anssi Johansson <avij at centosproject.org> wrote:
> Hi, we're looking to extend the geographical coverage of CentOS AltArch
> mirrors a bit. For those who don't know, the Alternative Architecture
> SIG produces CentOS 7 for all kinds of odd architectures such as
> aarch64, armhfp, i386, power9, ppc64 and ppc64le.
> We have a separate list of mirrors providing AltArch content at
> https://www.centos.org/download/altarch-mirrors/ and if you have a look
> at that list, you will notice that there are several mirrors from Europe
> and U.S., but less from other regions.
> We're currently in the process of shifting AltArch-related traffic from
> mirror.centos.org to external mirrors. Most of those mirror.centos.org
> nodes double as msync nodes, and by directing users to use external
> mirrors instead of mirror.c.o, more bandwidth would be available for
> syncing external mirrors. In addition to the saved bandwidth, many of
> the external mirrors have much more bandwidth than msync.c.o nodes, so
> the end users will also see a benefit.
> If the existing AltArch mirrors have a look at their traffic stats, they
> will probably notice that there hasn't been much AltArch traffic. That
> will see a slight increase soon, though. We will soon push out updated
> centos-release packages for AltArch that will use mirrorlist.c.o to find
> a nearby external mirror, instead of the currently configured
> mirror.centos.org. The old mirror crawler only checked main architecture
> repos (and only a subset of those), but the current mirror crawler will
> check main architectures and AltArch architectures, and all the
> repositories that are active.
> Some AltArch .iso download links have also been changed to point to
> isoredirect.c.o, which has a newly added capacity to redirect AltArch
> .iso image requests to external mirrors. The remaining AltArch .iso
> redirects to external mirrors will be done prior to CentOS 7.6.18xx release.
> That said, I don't expect AltArch to generate significant additional
> traffic compared to the main architectures. My primary concern here is
> the geographical coverage, ie. the number of countries represented.
> Let's say that it'd be nice if there were mirrors from a handful of
> countries from each continent.
> If there isn't yet an AltArch mirror in your country and you think your
> mirror could close a "gap", please consider mirroring AltArch as well.
> At the moment AltArch consumes around 100 GB of disk space. Please note
> that when CentOS 7.6.18xx gets released, both 7.5.1804 and 7.6.18xx will
> be kept on mirrors for a while, thus temporarily doubling the disk space
> required.
> Another technical point is that if you start mirroring AltArch, the
> content must be available in a different directory (and thus at a
> different URL) than the main content. One common convention is to have
> directories "centos" and "centos-altarch". You will also need to invoke
> rsync twice; first for the main content (as before) and then for the
> AltArch content at rsync://msync.centos.org/altarch/
> Although all current CentOS mirrors can already access the above
> msync.c.o module for AltArch, it would be nice if you could do your
> initial rsync from some other external mirrors listed on
> https://www.centos.org/download/altarch-mirrors/ , even if the nearest
> external mirror providing AltArch over rsync isn't exactly nearby. Once
> you have done an initial sync from an external mirror, you can switch to
> doing incremental syncs from rsync://msync.centos.org/altarch/
> Once you are done, please provide the http/https/rsync URLs to your
> mirrored AltArch content so those could be added to the list.
> Thanks for reading this far, and thanks for all the bandwidth!
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