[CentOS-mirror] New Public Mirror in Jakarta , Indonesia

Fri Oct 12 08:45:30 UTC 2018
Anssi Johansson <avij at centosproject.org>

Agik Agustono kirjoitti 12.10.2018 klo 7.56:
> Dear Concern
> I've setup a new centos mirror and would like to add this to public
> mirrors list:
> HTTP: http://mirror.biznetgio.com/centos/ 
> RSYNC: rsync://mirror.biznetgio.com/centos/
> Sync Schedule: Hourly
> Bandwidth: 1Gbps
> Location: Jakarta , Indonesia
> -- 
> Best Regards,
> Agik Agustono
> PT. Biznet Gio Nusantara

Thanks, the mirror has now been added. You did not specify a sponsor
name, so I used "PT. Biznet Gio Nusantara" as in your signature.
Likewise, I set the sponsor URL to https://www.biznetgio.com/ and used
your email address as the contact email. You did not specify the IP
addresses for the ACL either, so I used the IP address that is in DNS
for mirror.biznetgio.com, You can now rsync directly from

Speaking of rsync, there's an issue with your rsync:

$ rsync rsync://mirror.biznetgio.com/centos/
rsync: failed to connect to mirror.biznetgio.com ( No
route to host (113)
rsync error: error in socket IO (code 10) at clientserver.c(125)

Could you get this fixed? Thanks!