[CentOS-mirror] CentOS Mirror @ Facebook

Wed Feb 6 23:46:57 UTC 2019
Phil Dibowitz <phild at fb.com>

We seem to have fallen off of the list because the contact address changed.
Sorry about that. Lets re-register!

HTTP: http://mirror.facebook.net/centos/
RSYNC: rsync://mirror.facebook.net/centos/

Sync schedule: Every 6 hrs
Bandwidth: a lot
Location: Prineville, WA, and Forest City, NC
Sponsor: Facebook
Sponsor URL: facebook.com
IPv4 address to authorize:,
IPv6 address to authorize: 2620:10d:c080::/41
Email contact: mirror-external at fb.com
Mirroring AltArch: yes
  HTTP: http://mirror.facebook.net/centos-altarch/
  RSYNC: rsync://mirror.facebook.net/centos-altarch/

And, in theory debuginfo:
  HTTP: http://mirror.facebook.net/centos-debuginfo/
  RSYNC: rsync://mirror.facebook.net/centos-debuginfo/

Phil Dibowitz
Production Engineering

Unexpected attachment? http://www.fburl.com/phildfaq

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