[CentOS-mirror] FTP URLs removed, ramping up HTTPS support

Sat Feb 23 17:39:00 UTC 2019
Anssi Johansson <avij at centosproject.org>

Hi, I wrote around half a year ago that FTP is being phased out. 
Mirrorlist.centos.org stopped giving out FTP URLs around a week ago, and 
on Friday Fabian changed https://www.centos.org/download/mirrors/ to 
show HTTPS URLs in the column that used to show FTP URLs. This means 
there are no longer any FTP URLs pointing to your mirror from 
centos.org, and monitoring of those FTP URLs has also stopped.

If you feel like it and other distributions that you mirror don't need 
it, you can now shut down & disable your FTP daemon. There's no need to 
notify us of your decision, because we no longer have a list of CentOS 
FTP mirrors that we would need to modify.

As mentioned, the download page now lists HTTPS URLs for those mirrors 
that offer HTTPS, to the best of our knowledge. If your mirror has HTTPS 
support and the HTTPS URL isn't listed on the download page, please let 
us know (maybe off-list) and we'll add your HTTPS link. HTTPS isn't yet 
used by mirrorlist.c.o and "yum", it's only shown on the download page 
for the time being. Also, a kind reminder that even if you do support 
HTTPS, please do not redirect CentOS HTTP mirror traffic to HTTPS. Any 
such redirects will be treated as an error.

Thanks for your support!