[CentOS-mirror] [Ticket#2019020404000312] msync.centos.org v6 address available? WAS: Add IPv6

Tue Feb 5 14:21:33 UTC 2019
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02/05/2019 08:40 - Fabian Arrotin wrote: On 05/02/2019 14:01, CEDIA FOSS
Mirrors wrote:
> hi Anssi
> we are IPv6 capable with [1]https://mirror.cedia.org.ec, if you would like
> us to setup a different mirror to act as msync.centos.org in dual stack,
> we are glad to help.
> regards
> epe

thanks for your offering, but we have two different layers :

- msync.centos.org = nodes donated for/in the centos infra and so that
we control end-to-end through config management and under monitoring
from our side
- other mirrors = mirrors offered by community but that they maintain
themselves and that we only "crawl" to validate content and mirror age.

Is your offer to host a donated/dedicated server for the centos project
? (so basically like described on
yes, we can offer you a server with similar or better specs than the stated in
that page. You may contact me offlist in order to plan and setup it according
to the specs.


Fabian Arrotin
The CentOS Project | [3]https://www.centos.org
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[2] https://wiki.centos.org/Donate#head-2d5ae152a1967f88237a2d61216613e142d42fc1
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