[CentOS-mirror] New CentOS Mirror

Wed Feb 27 17:58:21 UTC 2019
Moshe M. Katz <mmkatz at umd.edu>

Not affiliated with this mirror, but my tools track this IP address to
Missouri, specifically to St. Louis. That result is the same testing from
multiple geographically separate locations, so I'd say that it's probably


Moshe Katz
mmkatz at umd.edu
(301) 867-3732

On Wed, Feb 27, 2019 at 12:37 PM Anssi Johansson <avij at centosproject.org>

> Roberto Valencia C. kirjoitti 27.2.2019 klo 18.29:
> > HTTP: http://centos.blazar.mx
> > HTTPS: https://centos.blazar.mx
> >
> > Sync schedule: Every 1 hr
> > Bandwidth: 100Mbps
> > Location: México
> > Sponsor URL: www.blazar.mx
> > IPv4 address to authorize:
> > Email contact: rvalencia at blazar.com.mx
> > Mirroring AltArch: no
> I get a strong feeling of déjà vu about this..
> I have a few concerns about this mirror. The first concern is that your
> mirror seems to be empty. According to
> https://wiki.centos.org/HowTos/CreatePublicMirrors you should make your
> initial rsync from some other external mirror first. A list of those
> other mirrors is available at https://www.centos.org/download/mirrors/
> The location is also a problem. Based on the information I have
> available, this mirror is not in Mexico but somewhere in U.S. (which
> state?). Once the mirror has been synced I could add this as a U.S.
> mirror (if you tell me the state), but not as a Mexican mirror. What
> matters is where your mirror server is exposed to the rest of the
> Internet. That point seems to be somewhere in U.S., not Mexico.
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