[CentOS-mirror] GARR Mirror update

Thu Jan 31 14:27:26 UTC 2019
Paolo Velati <paolo.velati at garr.it>

Hello CentOS maintainers,

I've updated the infos about our mirror.

HTTP: http://centos.mirror.garr.it/centos
HTTPS: https://centos.mirror.garr.it/centos

Sync schedule: Every 4 hrs
Bandwidth: 3 x 10 Gbps (3 vms with 10Gbps connectivity in a datacenter 
with 40Gbps uplink )
Location: Italy (Bari)
Sponsor: GARR
Sponsor URL: http://www.garr.it/
IPv4 address to authorize: (you can remove old IP 
Email contact: mirror-service at garr.it
Mirroring AltArch: yes (I have the rsync script ready, once you 
authorize IPs I'll start sync)

AltArch HTTP: http://centos.mirror.garr.it/centos-altarch/
AltArch HTTPS: https://centos.mirror.garr.it/centos-altarch/

Thank you,

Paolo Velati

On 11/7/18 9:21 PM, Paolo Velati wrote:
> Dear CentOS mirror maintainers,
> I'm a maintainer of the GARR Mirror system.
> I'm contacting you because we are planning a new layout to improve 
> performance and availability of our mirror system.
> The new url for the CentOS repo is 
> http://centos.mirror.garr.it/centos, please update all lists, the old 
> name will be working as legacy system.
> If any other names are required please inform us.
> The new system will provide only HTTP access and, only if required, 
> We are also planning to setup a pool of reverse-proxy, behind 
> round-robin DNS, with IPv4 and IPv6.
> Afterwards, we would like to use pull-rsync method to keep the mirror 
> in sync.
> If official documentation is available, I would kindly ask you to send 
> me a link.
> Thank you in advance for your cooperation.
> Best regards,
> Paolo Velati
>     --- For the GARR Mirror Team