[CentOS-mirror] Reinclusion in mirrors

Wed Jul 10 14:33:17 UTC 2019
Anssi Johansson <avij at centosproject.org>

Catalin Chivulescu - NXTHOST kirjoitti 10.7.2019 klo 15.40:
> Hi,
> One ex employee didn’t manage to provide us the credentials for the Centos mailin list, he’s address might be ciprian.popa at nxthost.com, or ciprian.popa at nxthub.com or mirror at nxthost.com
> That’s why we have created a new email dedicated for mirror mailing list and mirror support, mirrors-sub at nxthost.com
> We would like a reinclusion to CentOS mirror list
> HTTP: http://mirrors.nxthost.com/centos/
> HTTPS: https://mirrors.nxthost.com/centos/
> Sync schedule: Every 6 hrs
> Bandwidth: 1000mbps
> Location: Europe / Romania / Bucharest
> Sponsor: NXTHOST
> Sponsor URL: https://www.nxthost.com
> IPv4 address to authorize:
> IPv6 address to authorize: 2a02:13f0:8200::4
> Email contact: mirrors-sub at nxthost.com
> Mirroring AltArch: yes
> HTTP: http://mirrors.nxthost.com/centos-altarch/
> HTTPS: https://mirrors.nxthost.com/centos-altarch/
> I think we our ips are already allowed since we are syncing from eu-msync.centos.org/CentOS and eu-msync.centos.org/altarch
> We are sorry for all the fuss, but now one person will be dedicated to this project completely.

Hi, no worries. The email addresses of this mailing list and the mirror 
contact details are separate. Anyone can subscribe/unsubscribe to/from 
the mailing list, but mirror contact details can only be edited by 
someone from the CentOS admin team.

Your mirror's details have now been updated, and looks like we already 
had the IP addresses you listed in our database. Your mirror had not 
been updated for a few days, but it seems to be OK now, and will be 
listed on https://www.centos.org/download/mirrors/ and used by "yum" the 
next time our mirror crawler visits your mirror. This may take a few hours.