[CentOS-mirror] New Mirror request Azerbaijan

Anssi Johansson

avij at centosproject.org
Wed Mar 13 19:27:05 UTC 2019

Abdulali Abbasov kirjoitti 13.3.2019 klo 15.58:
> http://centos.azertele.com
> https://centos.azertele.com
> rsync://centos.azertele.com
> Sync schedule: Every 12 hrs
> Bandwidth: 1 Gbps
> Location: Azerbaijan
> Sponsor: Azertelecom LLC
> Sponsor URL: https://azertelecom.az
> IPv4 address to authorize:
> IPv6 address to authorize: 2a00:9100:0:19::2
> Email Contact: abdulalia at azerconnect.az

Hmm, there are around 20 incomplete repositories on your mirror. Try 
running rsync again from some other external mirror offering rsync, 
listed on https://www.centos.org/download/mirrors/ and remember to not 
--exclude anything while syncing.

Additionally, rsync://centos.azertele.com/ is not a valid URL for this 
purpose. It would need the name of the module, like centos or mirror or 
files or something, at the end. What's the URL we should use?

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