[CentOS-mirror] New Mirror in Thailand

Thu Mar 7 21:08:33 UTC 2019
Patrick Shaw <patrick at shaw.co.th>

HTTP: http://centos.shaw.co.th

Sync schedule: Every 6 hrs (Every 8 hours for AltArch)
Bandwidth: 10 Mbps
Location: Thailand
Sponsor: Shaw IT
Sponsor URL: www.shaw.co.th
IPv4 address to authorize: (NOTE: Mirror is in Thailand, 
but due to operational reasons, rsync requests will come from our IP 
space in Singapore)
Email contact: admin at shaw.co.th
Mirroring AltArch: yes at http://altarch.centos.shaw.co.th (Note that we 
appear to be the only mirror providing AltArch in Thailand)