[CentOS-mirror] New Mirror in Thailand

Thu Mar 7 22:22:18 UTC 2019
Patrick Shaw <patrick at shaw.co.th>

OK thank you for being another AltArch Bangmod.
Anssi, I didn't realise that. Actually yes I think I would like to do as 
you suggest i.e. providing AltArch only until I am in a position to 
offer more bandwidth later on. Thanks again for your attention.

On 8/3/62 05:14, Satanun Siwaphorn wrote:
> Dear Patrick,
> Bangmod can offers altarch mirrors for you
> I have added AltaARch mirrors with full speed of 10Gbps network 
> domestic and 100MBps International already.
> http://mirrors.bangmod.cloud/centos-altarch
> Thank you.
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> Patrick Shaw kirjoitti 7.3.2019 klo 23.58:
> > 10 Mbps is provided merely as a guaranteed minimum but as you have
> > observed it's likely to be faster. The problem I have at this location
> > is painfully slow AltArch updates (international bandwidth is severely
> > limited much of the time), and my organisation is heavily reliant on
> > armhfp variant. It's no use me complaining about that if I don't do
> > something to help propagate, so here I am.
> > Thanks for the speedy auth, I'll update my crontab accordingly. I will
> > also be endeavouring to increase bandwidth in the future.
> OK, cool. It is also possible to list your mirror as altarch only. We
> have one such mirror already and it seems to be doing fine. If you at
> some later time think this approach would be better for you, let us know
> and we'll adjust the listing.
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