[CentOS-mirror] rsync lock files

Fri Mar 8 15:00:31 UTC 2019
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El Viernes 08/03/2019 a las 04:42, Patrick Shaw escribió:
> Hi,
> Does anyone have some examples of lock scripts/files for rsync? Due to
> slow international performance in this country I'm regularly seeing
> overlapping rsyncs, I need to get that locked down ASAP.
> Patrick

Hi, I'd advise against using a lock file as f your scripts dies for whatever 
reason, the lock file might linger around and prevent future rsyncs from 

Let me qoute a mail from David Richardson to Fedora's mirror mailing list with 
an alternative involving flock (last part) and some more general tips that 
might be useful for mirror admins:

"I had the same problem you did with rsync taking forever (and find, and ls, 
and httpd).

Changing the sysctl vm.vfs_cache_pressure made a night-and-day difference 
(default is 100, I set it to 10).

vm.vfs_cache_pressure controls caching of inode data versus file contents.
The default (and centerpoint) is 100. Values less than 100 favor inode data, 
values greater than 100 favors file contents. Do NOT set it to zero.
My understanding that if you set it to zero, bad things will happen and you 
will eventually OOM.

With this change, all my metadata stays in cache. I have two million inodes in 
use, and this setting costs me about 4GB of RAM. A no-change Fedora rsync 
takes 20 seconds for 425GB of content in 950k files (I exclude development 
and SRPMS).

I use --delete to handle the .~tmp~ directories. If one of my runs aborts, the 
next run will clean up after it.

My script is basically rsync wrapped with flock (rather than trying to cobble 
together a lock-file system).

The 200 in the flock command (and again at the end) is just a filehandle 
number; it doesn't really matter what it is, as long as nothing else uses it.
The file name at the end also doesn't much matter. The file needs to be 
writeable (or creatable if it doesn't exist), but nothing is written to it.
There's also no need to remove it afterwards.

flock -n 200 || { echo "Script is already running. Aborting." ; exit 1 ; }
# ... commands executed under lock ...

/usr/bin/rsync --progress -aHv --update --delete --delete-excluded \
--delete-after --delay-updates rsync://your/source /your/dest/path


) 200>/tmp/lock.update-fedora

Hope you find this useful!"

Ricardo J. Barberis
Senior SysAdmin / IT Architect
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