[CentOS-mirror] rsync lock files

Sun Mar 10 22:11:35 UTC 2019
Matthew Taylor <matthew.taylor at hostopia.com.au>

I have used flock for years without any issues.



On 9/3/19 6:39 am, Dattatec Mirrors wrote:
> El Viernes 08/03/2019 a las 16:09, David Richardson escribió:
>> I'm quoted! I'm famous! :)
> With reason, your flock advise was thoroughly implemented in our
> infrastructure :)
> And lately I (almost accidentally) realised the good effects of lowering
> vm.vfs_cache_pressure, reinforced after re-reading your email :)
>> There's two parts to what was quoted below:
>> 1) Use flock to make sure you only have one update running. It'll do the
>>      right thing if something happens and the job exits abnormally. Someone
>>      else has already written a tool, so use their work instead of
>>      reinventing it yourself.
>> 2) Tune vm.vfs_cache_pressure. In my experience, this makes the operations
>>      where you care about interactive performance (ls, du, find, rsync
>>      updates from upstream) MUCH faster, and has little impact on
>>      bulk-transfer performance.
>> Thanks,
>> DR