[CentOS-mirror] Reinclusion request for altarch mirror in Thailand

Patrick Shaw

patrick at shaw.co.th
Thu Nov 28 13:49:44 UTC 2019


We've been operating an altarch mirror for some time, as our 
organisation is heavily dependent on armfp flavour. I noticed the rsync 
is failing, so I looked around for problems. I see it fails with 
"Unknown module" error. I see the mirror has also been dropped from the 
official altarch mirror list. I surmise then that the IP is blcocked 
from CentOS mirror. I don't know if it was blocked because our rsync was 
failing, or some other issue.

In any case, I hereby request reinclusion, and I'm currently rsyncing 
from a Hong Kong mirror. If there is some other reason our mirror cannot 
be included, please do let me know and I'll try to address it, or if I 
cannot address it, I'll stop writing to the list and disturbing you.

Note: For operational reasons, we route our rsync requests via one of 
our Singapore IPs.

Mirror: altarch.centos.shaw.co.th
Update IP for whitelisting:

Warmest regards,


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