[CentOS-mirror] Firewall Policy

Tue Jan 21 01:41:21 UTC 2020
Francisco Badaró <francisco at itsbrasil.net>

Hello Centos community,

One question, in relation to security in mirror centos:

- Can I apply a default drop firewall , accept policy for only a few ports?

Accept only ports:

TCP/UDP Port 80 (http)
TCP Port 443 (https)

Are there any restrictions on the part of the CENTOS community for the
application of firewall policy for the mirror host?

Have another Port to open in firewall ?

Best Regards,
Francisco J. Badaró Valente Neto
Gerente de Telecomunicações e Treinamento
Chave Pública PGP: 3C0197DADD86E00869A1F3ABEED24941A5292F14
Tel.: + 55 71 34020870
Cel: +55 71 981717310
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