[CentOS-mirror] Firewall Policy

Tue Jan 21 23:11:10 UTC 2020
Francisco Badaró <francisco at itsbrasil.net>

Thank´s Lukas,

At the moment, only http and https for the community. Mirror Hundred And
Hundred AltArch.

I don't have the Rsync server yet.

I will adjust the firewall then to improve the protection of the mirror.

A hug from Brazil !

Best Regards,
Francisco J. Badaró Valente Neto
Gerente de Telecomunicações e Treinamento
Chave Pública PGP: 3C0197DADD86E00869A1F3ABEED24941A5292F14
Tel.: + 55 71 34020870
Cel: +55 71 981717310
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