[CentOS-mirror] Addition of altarch repositories to mirror.pit.teraswitch.com

Justin Goetz

jgoetz at teraswitch.com
Tue May 12 15:08:45 UTC 2020


I maintain mirror.pit.teraswitch.com, we recently started mirroring the 
altarch repos (we're already a mirror for the main repo) and would like 
to be added to the main mirror list, if possible.

*URL*: http://mirror.pit.teraswitch.com/centos-altarch/ (HTTP & HTTPS 
*Sync time*: Every 6 hours
*RSYNC*: rsync://mirror.pit.teraswitch.com::centos-altarch

Additional mirror info (already sent for main repo):

Sync schedule: Every 6 hrs
Bandwidth: 10 Gbps
Location: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Sponsor: TeraSwitch Networks Inc.
Sponsor URL: https://teraswitch.com/
IPv4 address to authorize:
IPv6 address to authorize: 2607:fdc0:1::50
Email contact: noc at teraswitch.com, jgoetz at teraswitch.com
Mirroring AltArch: Yes



Justin Goetz
Systems Engineer, TeraSwitch Inc.
jgoetz at teraswitch.com
412-945-7045 (NOC) | 412-459-7945 (Direct)

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