[CentOS-mirror] CentOS distribution mirror correction

Doğan Can Yüksel

dogan.yuksel at sh.com.tr
Tue May 19 10:41:29 UTC 2020


Please find below the required information for adding my mirror:

HTTP: http://mirror.sh.com.tr/centos/
HTTPS: https://mirror.sh.com.tr/centos/
Sync schedule: Every 1 hour
Bandwidth: 10Gbps
Location: (EU/Turkey)
Sponsor: PremierDC
Sponsor URL:www..sh.com.tr
IPv4 address to authorize:
Email contact: (sysadm at sh.com.tr)
Mirroring AltArch: yes

Best Regards

Doğan Can Yüksel
Associate Business Systems Analyst

SH / PremierDC Veri Merkezi A.S.
| Otakcilar Cad. No: 78, Kat: 4 Flat Ofis, Eyup, Istanbul, Turkey
E dogan.yuksel at sh.com.tr<mailto:dogan.yuksel at sh.com.tr>


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