[CentOS-mirror] New mirror application

Fri Aug 6 22:19:35 UTC 2021
sysadmin at x3me.net <sysadmin at x3me.net>

Hello Mirror'ers


We are ExtremeIX and we are content provider in Asia, and we would like to
become again official mirror.


You may know us as repos.del.extreme-ix.org and lately we made some changes
to our infra, where our repos were based.


We've been a mirror for Centos for some time, but we've changed the system,
increased datastorage size and we are now ready to serve some mirroring.

For that purpose we've already synced the contents of CentOS official mirror
on our local storage. 


Please find the below application for enabling our repo in official mirror
lists of CentOS. 


HTTP: http://repo.extreme-ix.org/centos/ - there are no redirects or rewrite
whatsoever. Pure http

HTTPS: https://repo.extreme-ix.org/centos/ - Let's Encrypt powered

RSYNC: rsync://repo.extreme-ix.org/centos/ - rsyncd service


Sync schedule: Every 6 hours (*if required we can lower this period)

Bandwidth: 10Gbps direct port (TATA DC)

Location: New Delhi, India

Sponsor: Extreme IX

Sponsor URL: https://extreme-ix.org

IPv4 address to authorize:

IPv6 address to authorize: none

Email contact: mirrors at x3me.net <mailto:mirrors at x3me.net> 

Mirroring AltArch: No at the moment. If there isn't any other mirror of the
AltArch repo in Asia, we'll be glad to host it. 


If you do have questions, suggestions or recommendations feel free to reach
us at mirrors at x3me.net <mailto:mirrors at x3me.net>  and sysadmin at x3me.net
<mailto:sysadmin at x3me.net> 





Ps. Just realized that previous mail that I sent was from mirrors at x3me.net
<mailto:mirrors at x3me.net>  which should be silently discarded ;)

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