[CentOS-mirror] Mirror server with EICAR test string as hostname

Mon Jul 12 08:01:58 UTC 2021
HAHN, TOBIAS <tobias.hahn at dlh.de>

Hello everybody,

we currently have the following issue: one of the mirrors which is behind  http://centos.mirrors.as250.net has the hostname set to the EICAR AntiVirus test string, and now every connection from our network to these mirrors triggers alerts.

Is there any way to identify the person(s) rsponsible for the operation of the mirror and ask them if they could change this?

Best Regards,

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Tobias Hahn

IT-Security Expert
GIAC certified Incident Handler (GCIH) & Forensic Analyst (GCFA)

Deutsche Lufthansa AG
Computer Emergency Response Team, FRA GIXSC
Airportring, Lufthansa Aviation Center (LAC)
D-60549 Frankfurt am Main

Mobile: +49 151 589 22792
Email:  tobias.hahn at dlh.de<mailto:tobias.hahn at dlh.de>
Internet: http://www.lufthansagroup.com<http://www.lufthansagroup.com/>

SMIME-Certificate available at https://lh.securemail.lhsystems.com/certportal/
Lufthansa Root-CA available at https://www.lufthansagroup.com/de/ext/public-key-infrastructure.html

Sitz der Gesellschaft / Corporate Headquarters: Deutsche Lufthansa Aktiengesellschaft, Koeln, Registereintragung / Registration: Amtsgericht Koeln HR B 2168
Vorsitzender des Aufsichtsrats / Chairman of the Supervisory Board: Dr. Karl-Ludwig Kley
Vorstand / Executive Board: Carsten Spohr (Vorsitzender / Chairman), Christina Foerster, Harry Hohmeister, Dr. Detlef Kayser, Dr. Michael Niggemann, Remco Steenbergen

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