[CentOS-mirror] mirror.lstn.net wget HTTPS Certificate Error

Thu Jul 8 10:13:24 UTC 2021
Christopher Hawker <email at chrishawker.com.au>

If it doesn’t have a known issuer, it is more than likely a self-signed cert.

Christopher Hawker

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> On 8 Jul 2021, at 8:12 pm, Jim Archon <jimarchon72 at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hello,
> https://mirror.lstn.net/ is returning HTTPS certificate errors with wget. Are you getting the same errors with wget from this mirror? There seem to be no errors with wget with the other HTTPS mirrors.
> Interestingly, Google Chrome is not showing any Certificate errors on https://mirror.lstn.net/.
> wget https://mirror.lstn.net/centos/8.4.2105/isos/x86_64/CentOS-8.4.2105-x86_64-boot.iso
> --2021-07-08 09:35:51--  https://mirror.lstn.net/centos/8.4.2105/isos/x86_64/CentOS-8.4.2105-x86_64-boot.iso
> Resolving mirror.lstn.net (mirror.lstn.net)... 2607:ff68:1:4c::100,
> Connecting to mirror.lstn.net (mirror.lstn.net)|2607:ff68:1:4c::100|:443... connected.
> ERROR: The certificate of ‘mirror.lstn.net’ is not trusted.
> ERROR: The certificate of ‘mirror.lstn.net’ doesn't have a known issuer.
> ERROR: The certificate of ‘mirror.lstn.net’ has expired.
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