[CentOS-mirror] No Time status on status page

Anssi Johansson

centosmirror at miuku.net
Fri May 21 06:47:49 UTC 2021

The issue is that http://mirror.nodespace.net/centos/TIME redirects to 

The mirror crawler checks http and https URLs separately, and the "no 
time" is an indication that the mirror crawler was unable to retrieve 
the TIME from your mirror over http.

You would need to disable the forced redirects to https to fix this issue.

Note that https://wiki.centos.org/HowTos/CreatePublicMirrors has this 

"If you set up HTTPS, please do not redirect HTTP requests to HTTPS. 
There may be organizations that allow outbound HTTP connections but not 
HTTPS connections, and any redirects may cause problems for them."

Other projects may have different opinions of this, but this is how it 
is in CentOS.

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