[CentOS-mirror] New UK Mirror

Sat May 1 05:36:26 UTC 2021
Matt Parkinson <matt.parkinson at vinters.com>

We have recently built a new mirror server and have now added CentOS to it. Our information is below.

HTTP URL: http://mirrors.vinters.com/centos/
HTTPS URL: https://mirrors.vinters.com/centos/
RSYNC URL: rsync://mirrors.vinters.com/centos/
Planned sync schedule: Every 4 Hours
Bandwidth: 10Gbps
Location: Maidstone, UK
Sponsor: Vinters
Sponsor URL: www.vinters.com<http://www.vinters.com>
IPv4 address to authorize:
IPv6 address to authorize: 2a00:1c10:3:634:0:1000:0:1
Email contact: matt.parkinson at vinters.com<mailto:matt.parkinson at vinters.com>
Mirroring AltArch: no

Best Regards,
Matt Parkinson
Technical Director

Office: 01622 524 200
Vinters Business Park | New Cut Road | Maidstone | Kent | ME14 5NZ




Vinters IT Ltd registered in England and Wales No. 05598156

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