[CentOS-mirror] New Mirror - India - JIT - Jansons Institute of Technology - Reg

Mon May 10 07:04:08 UTC 2021
Krishnakumar Masimalai <krishnakumar.m at jit.ac.in>

Greetings from Jansons Institute of Technology,

We are happy to register and add our CentOS & CentOS Altarch Mirror in 
our public mirror redirection system.

Here we have provided the details required:

_*CentOS Mirror:*_

HTTP: http://mirror.jit.ac.in/centos/
HTTPS: https://mirror.jit.ac.in/centos/
RSYNC:  rsync://mirror.jit.ac.in/centos

Sync schedule: Every 4 hrs
Bandwidth: 100 MBPS
Location: Coimbatore , Tamil Nadu , India
Sponsor: Jansons Institute of Technology
Sponsor URL: www.jit.ac.in
IPv4 address to authorize:

Email contact: krishnakumar.m at jit.ac.in

Mirroring AltArch: Yes

_*CentOS Altarch:*_

HTTP: http://mirror.jit.ac.in/centos-altarch/
HTTPS: https://mirror.jit.ac.in/centos-altarch/
RSYNC:  rsync://mirror.jit.ac.in/centos-altarch


Krishnakumar Masimalai
In-charge - Information Management System,
Jansons Institute of Technology,
Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India.
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