[CentOS-mirror] Updates for mirror.nsc.liu.se

Mon May 24 07:26:38 UTC 2021
Thomas Bellman <bellman at nsc.liu.se>


We have replaced our aging server "mirror.nsc.liu.se" with a newer
machine.  It now has 10 Gbit/s network connection (up from 2×1 Gbit/s),
and has also gotten new IP addresses:

It appears that we can already sync using IPv6 (are you perhaps
opening up for entire /64:s or something?), but the IPv4 address
needs to be updated in your ACLs.

It would be nice if the old address (2001:6b0:17:2::1:92 and could be allowed to sync for another week or two,
just in case some problem shows up.

Since we can sync using IPv6, the repositories on it should be up
to date, and I have already updated DNS so the mirror.nsc.liu.se
name points to the new server.


	Thomas Bellman
	National Supercomputer Centre
	Linköping University

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