[CentOS-mirror] No Time status on status page

Fri May 21 01:25:33 UTC 2021
Quantum Mirror <root at quantum-mirror.hu>


In my opinion this is a routing issue or something is blocking the
centos scanner or might be Fabian added a bad IP/host to the scanner
(highly unlikely). Check your firewall log, web server log, search for
something like "MirrorBrain Probe (see
http://mirrorbrain.org/probe_info)" I don't really know the IP(s) or the
name (it leaves in the logs) of the CentOS scanner at the moment :( .

And the bonus: (http)mirrorbrain scan be confused - not properly detect
timestamp etc.- if you are using special headers - for example
fancyindex etc. - with your web server. That's why some distro/project
like LO, Kali, arch, GNU use rsync for this task too.

> Thats weird, we tried this command:
> rsync -aqzH --delete *msync.centos.org::CentOS*
> /mnt/HC_Volume_10038547/public_html/centos
> And it still failed.
> But when we try to do the same from other public mirror it works.
By the way I'm not a fan of the -z switch in rsync scripts it can do
nasty things sometimes.



On 2021. 05. 21. 0:42, Travis Newton via CentOS-mirror wrote:
> Hello,
> I am trying to troubleshoot the issue with our mirror. We noticed that
> on https://mirror-status.centos.org we have a "no time" status. I've
> checked and our script is syncing properly. As of this email, TIME and
> timestamp.txt are both reporting May 20, 2021 17:44
> (https://mirror.nodespace.net/centos/).
> What would be causing this? I couldn't really find any useful
> information searching the mailing list.
> Thanks!
> Travis
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