[CentOS-mirror] Mirror update request

Thu Oct 7 12:22:10 UTC 2021
Fabian Arrotin <arrfab at centos.org>

On 05/10/2021 15:17, Gergely Lónyai via CentOS-mirror wrote:
> Hi,
> Please update the mirror at lonyai.com with this data:
> HTTP: http://centos.lonyai.com/ 
> HTTPS: https://centos.lonyai.com/
> Sync schedule: Every hours
> Bandwidth: 10GB
> Location: CDN without region restriction
> Sponsor: gergely Lonyai
> Sponsor URL: https://www.lonyai.com/
> IPv4 address to authorize: &
> IPv6 address to authorize: -
> Email contact: gergely at lonyai.com
> Mirroring AltArch: yes
> Kind Regards,
> Gergely Lónyai

I see that server was listed for a long time in our DB, and listed as
from Hungary.
But now maxmind doesn't seem to agree anymore , or answer it's now a
multicast subnet/range.
In all cases, in our DB we fix one mirror in a country and redirect
people from that country/area to a list of mirrors. Coming with a CDN
would defeat this and no way for us to redirect properly anyway (like
nesting CDN solutions together)

I see that you opened also a request for stream 9 on mirrormanager side
and mirrormanager admin answered more or less the same thing, so
probably worth discussing in that ticket and not on this list.

Kind Regards,

Fabian Arrotin
The CentOS Project | https://www.centos.org
gpg key: 17F3B7A1 | twitter: @arrfab

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