[CentOS-mirror] Chinese addresses requesting excessive iso's?

Wed Apr 27 21:26:14 UTC 2022
John 'Warthog9' Hawley <warthog9 at eaglescrag.net>

Yeah, we are seeing it too on FCIX, bad enough that we've backed the 
micro-mirrors out from serving CentOS because we didn't want those to 
get overrun (single 1gbe connection on those).

On 4/27/2022 11:55 AM, Paul Mezzanini wrote:
> We've been noticing the exact same behaviour and are still discussing 
> internally the best way to address it.

Don't know a good way to handle it other than do the blocking on the 
agent strings mentioned elsewhere.  At least with our stats collection 
it all seems to be coming from only one or two ASNs, so it might be 
worth just publishing a "block all these IPs that originate at these 
ASNs" too as, effectively, known bad actors.

- John 'Warthog9' Hawley