[CentOS-mirror] Vane Host Mirror Missing

Fri Feb 4 23:16:20 UTC 2022
company at vanehost.com <company at vanehost.com>

To whom it may concern,

Today I noticed our mirror is not showing at CentOS public mirror list. 
We are still able to see the status from mirror-status.centos.org page. 
Can you please update the list? Also we are not able to access the 
official centos mirror. So we are not able to download any new updates.

Sync schedule: Every 12 hrs
Bandwidth: 100Mbit/s (All over the world)
BDIX Bandwidth: 10Gbit/s (Bangladesh Internet Exchange for all local 
Location: Dhaka, Bangladesh
Sponsor: Vane Host Limited
Sponsor URL: https://www.vanehost.com/
IPv4 address to authorize:

Yours sincerely,
Mst Sharmin Haque
Vane Host Limited