[CentOS-mirror] About UFMS Mirror

Tue Oct 4 21:14:14 UTC 2022
Brivaldo Junior <condector at gmail.com>

Hey guys, long time without following the list, but, we continue mirroring

My question is, we continue having traffic and access here. We continue
mirroring the project, but I noted that our link and information do not
appear on the CentOS website anymore in the mirrors list. Something goes

Here is our mirror URL: https://centos.ufms.br/centos/
Country: Brazil
State: Mato Grosso do Sul
We continue with the same bandwidth: 1Gbps

Do we need to do anything else to be readded to the website as a public
mirror, or do you already have enough mirrors here? If so, let me know, so
I can redirect the resources.

Thanks in advance,
Prof. Brivaldo
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