[CentOS-promo] CentOS quality posters (for events and profit! ;)

Fri Aug 24 18:04:06 UTC 2007
Dag Wieers <dag at wieers.com>

Hi all,

In absence if a centos-artwork mailinglist, what are we going to do wrt. 
quality posters.

I have send a mail to this list before (in June IIRC) and there was no 
feedback. I guess bad timing :)


Also look at the LinuxTag meeting minutes for some interesting ideas:


We definitely need to work a bit on how we present ourselves, and there is 
opportunity to do that (already in the very near future) at various 

Maybe we should do a centos-promo meeting on #centos-social in order to 
revive some of the momentum we lost :)

PS I remember the current flyer not being on the wiki, can someone who has 
the final print (in an editable format) put those on the wiki for others 
to use ?

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