[CentOS-promo] Promo material?

Sat Aug 11 19:17:53 UTC 2007
Daniel de Kok <danieldk at pobox.com>

On Sat, 2007-08-11 at 15:05 -0400, Joe Klemmer wrote:
>  	Has anyone made up any promo material for CentOS?  Something like 
> handouts, tri-fold pamphlets, posters, buttons, etc?  It would be good to 
> have things we could take to non-techie places and events.  And maybe a 
> few of the Mom-n-Pop computers stores would let them be displayed.

We do have a nice flyer, of which Dag still has some copies. I am not
sure if we have the Scribus file for the latest version online. There
were some plans for making posters.

-- Daniel