[CentOS-promo] Wrap up from linux.conf.au

Tue Feb 5 06:11:04 UTC 2008
John Newbigin <jnewbigin at ict.swin.edu.au>

On Saturday we hosted a CentOS booth at the linux.conf.au openday 

All in all it was a very successful day. I had Rob Shaw along with me to 
help. We gave away about 120 CentOS 5.1 i386 install DVDs and over 100 
CentOS stickers. We ran out of DVDs after about 2 hours but had plenty 
of stickers left over.

All of the people we spoke to were very positive about CentOS, many 
already use it, others were looking to try it and others were just 
testing the Linux waters and might give it a try.

We had a 40" LCD display so we ended up putting our table against the 
back wall with the LCD on that.  We could then stand in front of the 
table and engage with the visitors as they walked past.  I think this 
worked much better than most of the other booths where the people sat 
behind the table and had to wait until a visitor would stop and talk to 

We did not have anything interesting to show on the LCD but even when it 
was turned off it seemed to draw a crowd.  We ended up with the CentOS 
5.1 release notes page from the wiki.

We also had a notebook for people to play with if they wanted to see 
what CentOS was like.

I have uploaded the artwork that I used to the wiki:
- a stamp for the DVDs. This worked a treat
- a poster. This looked good but was too small beside the TV
- the stickers. These were printed on matte paper and a little bit 
small, but they were OK.

The Gentoo booth beside us had a large (~ 1m x 1m) vinyl gentoo banner 
which they mail around the world.  Perhaps this would be a good model 
for a CentOS banner.

Thanks to everyone who helped with the organising of the open day and 
lending of equipment for the day. Special thanks to:
- Steve Walsh for getting things in motion
- Rob Shaw for manning the booth
- Kon Mouzakis for the loan of the LCD screen
- Richard Newbigin for transport
- Nicu B for the 3D look logo


John Newbigin
ITS Senior Analyst / Programmer
Faculty of Information and Communication Technologies
Swinburne University of Technology
Melbourne, Australia