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Subject: FOSDEM: deadlines + hotel

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Hi all

First of all, a reminder for all the Devroom coordinators: the deadline
for sending in schedule information is
                      ***** Friday 2008-02-01 *****
which is *end of this week* (I hope I stressed it enough ;)).

If you already have content (speaker bios, talk abstracts, ...) that is
confirmed, please already send it to me (at devrooms at fosdem.org), even
if the whole schedule isn't complete. That'll save me a few sleepless
nights to hack all the content into our CMS.

And please remember that the devrooms will only be available from 14:00
on on Saturday (from 09:00 on on Sunday). I'm not kidding, because
unfortunately university courses are still being taken in most of those
rooms on Saturday morning. Hence it would be a good idea to start your
schedule at 14:15 (umm.. yeah, I should have mentioned that earlier I
guess ;)).

Second, we have a bunch of hotel rooms left at a preferential rate at
the Novotel Grand'Place [1], at 105 EUR / 115 EUR (single/double room,
including breakfast) per night (it's 50% off the regular price).

I know it's really short notice, and the deadline is *end of this week*,
but if you're interested use the PDF form attached to this email and
send it directly to the hotel, either by fax or by email (see PDF).

About 20-25 rooms are left, first come first served ;)


Nothing particular ;)
As explained in my stand confirmation email, the tables will have paper
sheets with assignment sticked on them, and you can always get more
information at our InfoDesk (right at the entrance).
It would be kind if you could quickly stop by at the InfoDesk and have
your name ticked by our staff, just to know who's there and who's not.
If you feel like bringing some decoration (banners or such) for your
stand, definitely do so -- I'm afraid they're a bit dull compared to
shiny-big-expensive-commercial-events ;)

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