[CentOS-promo] Some thougts about the ToDo List

Mon Jun 16 14:30:12 UTC 2008
wonderer <wonderer4711 at gmx.de>

Hy there,

I read over the ToDo List and have some points to mention and hope its ok:

The following tasks needs one or more owners:

    * Create appealing screenshots for the website, articles or events

additional: take pictures from events...

    * Feed information to journalist as an incentive to write a CentOS 

That could be very dangerous if it is not planned good enough...

    * Contact magazines for CentOS related articles or include CentOS media

Therefore CentOS should have ready made press kit (could work out 

    * Contact publishers (of Fedora/RHEL books) to include CentOS on 
cover, in print or as media

additional: contact Writers and ask to work out the CentOS related parts.

    * Sell and ship branded goods on the website and at events 
(stickers, mugs, posters, media)

idea: build up a little spreadshirt shop (see 
http://www.spreadshirt.com/us/US/T-Shirt/Spreadshirt-1342/ ) and look 
how it goes. Selfmade shops  are expensive in  costs and time to 
administer it...

    * Provide a wiki page that contains paid-for support and services 
for CentOS

Question: Who are the Supporters? How many people are in the Crew?

    * Create a CentOS Weekly News that summarizes BLOG articles, events, 
progress, etc...

idea: could the blog used to improve the idea? Because of archiving 
articles and redirect from the Newsletter...?!

    * Create and maintain pages about how to install CentOS on your laptop

additional: Install CentOS under VMWare.

Any comments ;-) ?