[CentOS-promo] CentOS 5.2 Promo

Wed Jun 25 14:05:37 UTC 2008
wonderer <wonderer4711 at gmx.de>

Karanbir Singh schrieb:
> wonderer wrote:
>> Hy all,
>> how about the Promotion of the 5.2 Release?
>> Here are some thoughts (sorry, I did'nt know the timeframe when is 
>> "the plan" to get officialy online with that or is it already ... so 
>> its for 5.3 ;-) ).
>> several weeks before:
>> * what is new (collect Infos) 
> That is mostly available in the upstream Release Notes.
>> * make new banner
> Banner for where ?
I thought this is a promotion SIG? So I thought this was clear, but Ok.
Banners to place on the Frontpage, Banner for weblogs & Co. Banners for 
wikipages and other places where people want to promote CentOS. If there 
is nothing like that people don't recognize it ;-)
>> * make new "get CentOS 5.x NOW" Button
> Do we want update level buttons ? Perhaps we are much better off 
> promoting the main release level only for things like buttons.
It is easy to make a template for Photoshop or Gimp. Then you could 
replace banners and Buttons and stuff easiely.
But I think that points I wrote should not be main or single points to 
focus! Ther should only be some of what is to do.
>> * prepare pressrelease (if major release)
> Cool. Is anyone offering to do this ?
Yep ;-)
>> 2 weeks before
>> * make announcement to major PR agencies
> We can do that, and also include major magazines ( there are quite a 
> few who have made contact with different people in centos over the 
> years - perhaps we should have a list of all these PR agencies and 
> Magazines on the wiki somewhere ? )
Ok: http://wiki.centos.org/SpecialInterestGroup/Promo/PressList
I don't know where the major areas for CentOS are. We should maybe at 
the first step only focus on these... Feel free to fill the list ;-)
> Also, the QA people are encouraged to blog about things. Maybe we 
> should prod them a bit more with longer sticks.
>> * look in our own community (e.g. the guys who already use RH 5.x)
> Not sure what this point means... Also, I hope you had a typo there 
> and meant RHEL 5 and not RH 5 ( RH 5 is their release from 1998 iirc ).
Up,s you are right, I ment RHEL. The community around has much power, so 
we shoul have an eye on it and look what they say and "build" our promo 
around it.
If they e.g. talk much about the new clusteruing features or the much 
faster yum updates then we can put it in the promo for this release.

Also I did not think we should promote ONLY CentOS releases, but it is a 
first step to keep on rolling.
>> 1 week before
>> * make announcements to online magazines
> Dont magazines need a longer notice period to get things in ?
Online Mags? No. Printed, yes.
>> * send last pressarticles on the way
>> 1-2 days before
>> * set up PlanetCentOS and our own Blogs
>> *  post on mailinglist
>> * post on other ezines, etc.
> One thing that is worth pointing out is that we dont work to a release 
> date, its released when its ready, so working back from release date 
> is never going to happen. What we could do is setup a tentative date 
> that seems reasonable, then work back from there but we cant commit to 
> a release date even then. 
I menat that so, that "we" (=promo) make "us" this date.
> Specially not with a 2 - 3 week lead time. So what we might need to do 
> is start doing the PR and Promo activities right from the date of 
> upstream release, in a phased manner like you have laid out, but 
> rather than work back from the release date, would we be able to work 
> forward from the upstream release date ? After all, there is no reason 
> why we should stop doing this once the release is out.
>> So, for 5.2 we need i think ASAP this things
>> The Artwork I can do, but I need some short infos on whats new and if 
>> there should be pressreleases or "only" Centos Announcement, 
>> PlanetCentOS and mailinglist...
> The official CentOS Announcement is whats the main issue, anything and 
> everything that also carries this info needs to point back at that 
> announcement and url to the list post.
I read on the Mailinglist "CentOS 5.2 is out now" but thats not 
official??? On the centos.org website was no Announcement. Who exactly 
is responible for that? Who "reports" to the promo Crew and triggers 
points of doing?
> - KB
> PS: Am a late arrival to this conversation, so apologies if I am 
> reasking stuff already discussed before.
It seems you be right in time ;-)