[CentOS-promo] [FOSDEM] FOSDEM 2009: Call for devrooms, stands and lightning talks

Thu Nov 13 19:04:39 UTC 2008
Fabian Arrotin <fabian.arrotin at arrfab.net>

Andreas Rogge wrote:
> Fabian Arrotin schrieb:
>> Dear All ,
>> Unfortunately z00dax will not be able to come this year and Dag doesn't
>> want to lead the CentOS-promo sig anymore(at least temporary).
>> So i'd be interested in knowing which people are interested to come at
>> Fosdem 2009 and if a devroom is needed for the CentOS project (or only a
>> booth)
>> Can you asap say if you're willing to come/help/do something ?
>> Same rule applies for the eventual presentations if a devroom is wanted.
> As always, I can't say for sure if I can make it to Fosdem. However,
> I'll to do my best (until now that was usually just enough)
> I'm willing to man the booth and I could give a presentation if appreciated.
> However, as the subjects I would talk about feel quite basic to me, I
> usually step back for people with more interesting presentations :)
> Regards,
> Andreas

Ok, i've sent a mail to book a booth and a devroom (that we'll share 
with Fedora as usual now ...)
Let's see who will come and what presentations can be given ..
I'll create also a new Fosdem2009 page on the wiki when needed
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