[CentOS-promo] Froscon 2009

Mon May 25 13:35:38 UTC 2009
Andreas Rogge <a.rogge at solvention.de>

Tosh schrieb:
> I did see the call for project when submitting my CfP's , but as Andreas 
> is listed as the contact person on the wiki, I supposed he would arrange it
>> Single Point of Contact: AndreasRogge
> They opened on 18/05, but there is no before date?
Not really, but the Twitter-Site states an end Date of approx May 23rd
(see [1]) for the Call for Papers.

> Do we need to register separately again?
For FrOSCon the Call for Papers and Call for Projects are two
fundamentally different things.
Projects/Booths are one thing, Talks/Speakers are another.

I will take care of the Booth, but Speakers will have to register their
Talks themselves, because I cannot do that.

> Not that I see any registration form already.
Go to https://pentabarf.froscon.org/submission/froscon2009/ that is the
registration site for speakers.


[1] http://twitter.com/froscon/statuses/1837979529/
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