[CentOS-promo] FrOSCon 2009 - Cleaning up the mess

Mon May 25 15:56:15 UTC 2009
Andreas Rogge <a.rogge at solvention.de>

Tosh schrieb:
 >> Has anyone of you (besides Didi) had a chance to submit a Paper in time?
> yes 3, all about CentOS
> * CentOS Small Enterprise Server : Why it makes sense?
> * CentOS on the Enterprise Desktop : How and why?
> * Centos as a kiosk : An overview of the different possibilities
>> Does anyone want to give a talk/lecture/workshop/whatever? If we can
>> fill half a day I can try to get a devroom where we can do it.
>> [...]
> Ok, but then you would have to point out that I submitted them already 
> and they will be held in the devroom
No. We won't move any officially accepted talks to a devroom. The
devroom was only an idea for those people, who missed the Call for
Paper's deadline and still want to do a talk.

>> We can also have a bar table which we could probably place somewhere in
>> front of our booth. Maybe this is a good idea, what do you think?
> I don't know the layout of the ground, but a bar table tends to be 
> easier to talk to people
That's what I thought, too.

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