[CentOS-promo] Hallo from a new subscriber

Sun Aug 28 14:53:47 UTC 2011
Always Learning <centos at u61.u22.net>

Hallo everyone.

I'm Paul from England, Europe and a Centos 5.6 user. 

I would like to support efforts to promote the excellent Centos product.

I favour publicising Centos more. It really is a brilliant product
created and maintained by a tiny few who are mainly unknown to the vast
quantity of world users. 

One of my recent suggestions is an annual week long Centos event on
every continent.

For Europe, perhaps in sunny Belgium. To make it affordable for all it
could be camping rather than expensive hotels and held in June, July or

We could make it happen in Europe in 2012 when the streets of London are
grid-locked (that's American for jammed) with Olympic traffic and parts
of London grind to a halt.

A welcome and refreshing break, good weather, stimulating thoughts and
learning and discovering new things plus the tasty Belgium chips (USA =
fries) and beer.

The suggestion is to get the European summer camping and conference
event going, followed by a hotel based winter event and formal
conference. November is probably a good month in Europe to exploit the
slack times in hotel and conference centre bookings. Eastern Europe is
likely to be a lot cheap that western Europe, although bargains can
sometimes be found in amazing locations (usually if one promises not to
publicise the low rates).

Centos lacks the money M$ had when it started promoting its product like
it was washing-power or some every-day domestic product that everyone
has or needs (that was in USA's Las Vegas when M$ had pillow cases in
bedrooms printed with their product's name).  

However, with virtually no cash but enthusiasm, vision, tenacity and a
drop or two of inspiration and good co-operation we can make it happen.

Its your show. Can I join ?

With best regards,