[CentOS-promo] Second Call for the promo box ...

Wed Jan 11 13:59:31 UTC 2012
Andreas Rogge <a.rogge at solvention.de>

Am 11.01.2012 14:21, schrieb Karanbir Singh:
> On 01/11/2012 01:05 PM, Andreas Rogge wrote:
>> I imply that we don't have a sane way to label the DVDs right now. Afair
>> I got a Stamp for "CentOS 5" and "CentOS 5 Live". I also don't have any
>> CD/DVD/whatever, so I cannot create DVDs on the fly at FOSDEM.
sorry, that was rather imprecise: i *do* have CDs and DVDs, I just don't 
have a drive in my Notebook anymore.
So afaict disks and sleeves are there, but because we lack a dvd-writer 
nobody can actually write the DVDs during FOSDEM :)

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