[CentOS-promo] Promo Box Inventory

Thu Jan 26 20:46:29 UTC 2012
Andreas Rogge <a.rogge at solvention.de>

Am 26.01.2012 15:51, schrieb Karanbir Singh:
> On 01/26/2012 02:50 PM, Fabian Arrotin wrote:
>>> I think we do need posters (not as giveaways, but for the booth itself).
>>> There is indeed some money left in the promo pot. Should be enough for
>>> some posters.
>> Posters would indeed be good. Last year i spoke about a 'roll-up' that
>> could be used for events .. probably not as cheap as a simple poster,
>> but better too
> do we have a price for it ? do we know if we can get it done in time ?
We had a price for it, but I doesn't matter because we won't be able to 
have it done in time.
Another problem is that it isn't portable enough. i.e. Ralph for example 
is usually travelling by train which makes such a heavy thing a no-go.


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