[CentOS-promo] New TShirt run

Fri Mar 16 01:45:44 UTC 2012
Karanbir Singh <mail-lists at karan.org>

Hi Guys,

I've attached an image with this email that shows the original Classic
logo on the right side and an embroidered logo on the left side - the
image isn't the clearest in the world, but the embroidered logo in real
life does look quite nice and stands out nicely.

I noticed the colours were slightly off - the blue almost looks like
black and the green needs to be a bit darker : the printers are going to
sort that out.

We have enough money to get about 150 of these embroidered ones made. So
I was thinking we could pick a single shirt colour and have Medium /
Large and XL made up like :

Medium : 30
Large  : 60
XL     : 60

The reason I'm looking at this is : cost of getting 5 colours in screen
isnt cheap ( and the results are not very nice either ). And to get the
vinyl transfer as we have on the last set of Classic T Shirts needs us
to order 500+ shirts, which is going to cost a lot more than money in
the pot and what I'm able to contribute as a top-up.

Thoughts ?

Karanbir Singh
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