[CentOS-promo] Talk proposal for the 2015.01.30 Dojo in Brussels

Fri Dec 19 17:02:22 UTC 2014
Felipe Franciosi <felipe.franciosi at citrix.com>

Hi All,

I would like to propose a talk to the next Dojo following KB's comments for more hands-on/tutorial style presentations.

Title: Optimising Xen Deployments for Storage Performance

This would include a review of the available storage backends for Xen (e.g. tapdisk, qemu, blkback) and their characteristics when used on different types of storage (e.g. FC/iSCSI/NFS, HDDs, SSDs). I will follow with available tools for monitoring storage performance and diagnosing problems on various deployments. Provided (reasonable) internet access is available, most of the presentation will be hands-on on live systems using cutting edge storage platforms. If not, I will use a laptop to run the tutorial and compare storage types such as a local SSD and an external (slow) USB drive.

That can be done in 45 mins.

After the talk, I expect the audience to be well-versed in:
- Understanding the performance characteristics of various storage workloads
- What are the pros and cons of different storage systems
- Choosing the appropriate storage backend for a certain workload/platform pair
- Monitoring and diagnosing issues related to storage performance in Xen deployments

p.s. I still need to get travel approval for Brussels.
p.s.2. I also apologise for posting outside of the thread, but like others I just signed up to this list. =)

Best Regards,
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