[CentOS-promo] [DRAFT] Code of Conduct for CentOS Dojos

Fri Feb 21 11:05:01 UTC 2014
Rejy M Cyriac <rcyriac at redhat.com>

On 02/21/2014 04:24 PM, Karanbir Singh wrote:
> hi,
> On 02/21/2014 10:31 AM, Rejy M Cyriac wrote:
>>> I fully agree with Andreas in everything he mentioned above.
> me too
>> I agree that it should not be given prominent advertising at the venue.
>> It just needs a mention anywhere (a sort of terms and conditions), when
>> folks sign-up for the Dojo. It is not meant to be aggressive, or to
>> deter people, but to function as a fall-back mechanism just in case
>> things do go wrong. We cannot be too careful about racism and gender
>> issues these days, in many places around the globe.
> To a large extent this is as much about what to do and howto handle
> things should they go south.
> I've been to a fair few conferences and havent noticed or heard of
> anything that might need to be addressed in this manner - but then I
> dont do many conferences in the US where this has been a much bigger
> problem - having said that, creating a fair and reasonable environment
> for everyone to come and attend/present at a gathering should be the
> norm, and I dont see any harm in setting a baseline expectation. And one
> that is common across the board for everyone, everywhere.
> Plus, it seems that its almost fashionable to have a code of conduct and
> everyone is expected to have one. We could sum it up with a 'dont be an
> idiot', but then definitions of idiot might vary and are subject to
> viewpoints - so we need a bit more verbage to quantify it :)

We could have that on T-shirt - "Don't be an idiot!" ...though it
carries the risk of being completed with "like me/you" :-P

- rejy (rmc)