[CentOS-promo] CentOS Dojo in Carrollton, GA

Thu Mar 6 12:42:20 UTC 2014
Gene Liverman <gliverma at westga.edu>

We use CentOS quite a bit here and I know that it is also used extensively
throughout our university system so I thought it would be cool if we could
have a CentOS Dojo on our campus.  If that's doable my thought is that we
could promote it to our campus, to the local community, and also to other
universities in Georgia.  We have plenty of space on campus to host the
event plus we have a variety of food options on campus with many more a
short distance away.  I would be very open to topic suggestions but would
be particularly interested in the following:

   - anything geared towards current Windows admins / users who what to
   know more about the world of Linux and CentOS in particular. This could be
   particularly timely since Windows XP is approching it end of support.
   - Puppet and other DevOps kind of things
   - how the CentOS project works at a technical level
   - anything geared towards current Computer Science or Management
   Information Systems students
   - anything about how public sector organizations such as universities
   can support and promote CentOS and Linux in general

These are just some ideas that I hope will spark more interest.  I have no
idea if others in this area are on this mailing list or not so I am sort of
expecting that I will have to post this elsewhere for it to be seen by many
who would be interested in attending.  We have the most space available
during the summer but could most likely make this work any time of the
year.  It would just depend on the room requirements and what else was
already scheduled to be happening on campus.

*Gene Liverman*
Systems Administrator
Information Technology Services
University of West Georgia
gliverma at westga.edu

ITS: Making Technology Work for You!
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