[CentOS-promo] OpenNebula Techdays - Looking for CentOS speakers

Tue May 27 12:14:52 UTC 2014
Jaime Melis <jmelis at opennebula.org>

Hi guys,

we are organizing two OpenNebula Cloud Technology Days in the US in June:

Boca Raton, Miami, FL (June 19th)

Fremont, Bay Area, CA (June 24th)

They are two completely free events, featuring a 4 hours hands-on tutorial
to build your own OpenNebula Cloud. We will speak about Virtualization,
Cloud environments, configuration management, networks and storage, and of
course everything around CentOS.

We believe this is interesting to the CentOS community since a very large
part of the OpenNebula userbase deploys it on CentOS. CentOS has become the
de-facto platform for OpenNebula. In these events, just like the CentOS
Dojos, users always learn and share users stories of their real, production

And the hands-on tutorial and demos are CentOS based. In the end people
will take home their CentOS-OpenNebula Cloud.

Is there anyone interested in doing a talk about CentOS and Virtualization
and/or Cloud and/or OpenNebula?

Also, does anyone have any ideas about how to promote these events?


Jaime Melis
Project Engineer
OpenNebula - Flexible Enterprise Cloud Made Simple
www.OpenNebula.org | jmelis at opennebula.org
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