[CentOS-promo] CentOS Dojo Schedule for Brussels 2015

Wed Jan 7 23:53:17 UTC 2015
Karanbir Singh <mail-lists at karan.org>

hi folks,

I'm almost done with the schedule, this is what the day will end up
looking like, most likely :

we have 2 rooms, so there is scope to split the room between virt+cloud
and sysadmin roles.

- Xen Perf Tuning
- Xen & Virtualised Storage Tuning
- RDO/OpenStack tutorial
- Ceph tutorial and hack
- Gluster intro and tutorial

- Some Project stuff ( on CentOS )
- Installing CentOS like a pro
- Intro to RPM Packaging
- About CentOS buildsystem / services
- About SoftwareCollections
- Pulp for rpm and other content management
- Atomic intro + quickstart session

The IBM folks helping setup the venue would like to present a session as

Does anyone have comments around this before I go push the button and
make this live ?

Each room has 30 - 40 people capacity. And I believe we will have a high
number of power outlets for folks to run their laptops from ( or atleast
charge in bursts ).

I am also working to bring up our own WiFi, and have a local mirror for
mirror.centos.org and other content that the presenters might want
locally ( eg: vm images or atomic images etc ).

Karanbir Singh
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